Making a lifestyle change towards ultimate wellness is not always easy, but in order to make a real change, it is non-negotiable.  Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds (and keep it off this time!), reverse aging, get fit, learn new ways to stay healthy, battle cancer, kick diabetes' ass or to become a better model of health for your family, I am here to shove you full of factoids and recipes that can help you along your way.  What is the ultimate diet?  Although an 80-90% raw vegan diet is ultimate, I realize that is a drastic change and is more than likely not your optimal path to health without falling off of the Wellness Wagon again and again.  In addition, I also realize if you professed to your family and friends that you were no longer eating animals or cooked foods, you may be cast from the tribe.  The answer to every long term goal is short term goals and baby steps. Baby steps means incorporating many of the rules, a little at a time and by starting out with food that tastes good.  The thing is, our tastebuds are so overstimulated with all of the trash that we shove into our faces that food that is good for us no longer tastes good!  MSG, artificial sweetners and dairy, just to name a few, have actually been shown to excite tastebuds unnaturally and cause an addictive effect.  We are, in fact, addicted to shit food.  So, to start eating healthy, food that is not neccessarily ideal, but not BAD for you is the key.  Mock meats that may not provide much nutritional benefits but provide far more good and far less bad than your typical American faire are great starters.  I eat the way I passionately believe my body was designed to. 

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About Me...

I am a wife, a mom, an at-home chef, a student and a self-proclaimed health nut.  I am a modern day hippie, an urban naturalist, a moderately ‘crunchy’ mom and a successful business owner.  I am kind, altruistic, honest to a fault, highly opinionated, down to earth and at times, an unrelenting bitch.  (Yes, you read that right, just read my blog or ask my husband!)  I am wife to Ryan, and mom to my beautiful children, Addison, Jonah and Tank, our ‘first-born’, a loving pitbull who is even more of a baby than, well…. the baby.  I am currently studying to earn a multitude of certifications in holistic health and nutrition and I am putting together my first book as well as several ebooks.

Someone wise once told me, “If you study something enough, you are bound to be an expert at it”.  I will never call myself an expert, as it makes me feel like I have no more room to learn.  I study health passionately and will never stop learning.  While I used to think the term ‘health’ was synonymous with weight and being skinny, I have since learned that health is about healing from the inside out and has little to do with weight at all.  Being thin is a natural consequence of being healthy, not the other way around. 

I have absolutely no culinary training whatsoever.  My husband will confirm I whipped up miracles in the kitchen prior to changing my diet, and now I just get to be even more creative.  I love to cook and cooking healthy meals that are meat-free the majority of the time and dairy-free all of the time is not only exciting but impressive to most of my ‘guinea pigs’.

What makes me different than your average book writer health obsessed blogger?  As I stated before, I am already a successful business owner.  I am not doing this for the money.  I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with other people and helping others to lead a healthier lifestyle through factual information, tough love and most importantly: good food!

Hopefully, you may learn a thing or two if I don't piss you off too bad.