Meal Plans

Are you vegetarian?
  Just trying to lose weight?  Get healthier?  Are you afraid suggesting vegetarian meals to your family will cause bloodshed?  Tired of trying to plan healthy meals for your family every night of the week?  If you answered YES to any of those questions, I have the perfect plan for you that takes all of the guesswork out of it!

DHN is officially offering Weekly Meal Plans!  Subscribers will receive a weekly email from me that is unlike any other meal plan out there! 

  • Vegetarian weekly meals
  • Incorporates mostly vegan diet with one meat option per week to swap
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • No Artificial Sweetners
  • Using mostly ORGANIC ingredients
  • The perfect Dairy-Free FLEXITARIAN meal plan!

Four of the five meals on the menu are 100% vegetarian and 99.9% vegan.  What makes this plan so great is that if a meal isn't vegan, I will add a suggestion on how to make it vegan.  The only non-vegan vegetarian item that a recipe might call for now is honey.  All recipes are 100% DAIRY-FREE.  Suggestions will also be given for how to turn a vegetarian meal into a non-veg meal to satisfy other members of the family.  As meat should not be consumed daily, I will also provide one recipe with a FLEX-SWAP.  A FLEX-SWAP recipe incorporates meat or fish but you can swap it out with grilled tofu, etc to make it vegan.  Or you can keep it as a weekly meat course. 

In addition, I'm including a cocktail recipe each week!  While alcohol is not the healthiest thing you can put into your body, it sure makes life fun when enjoyed in moderation.  Cocktail recipes are often made using fresh fruits and veggies and will contain NO HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP junk mixes.  Why use mixes when the produce department has everything you could ever need to create an impressive and satisfying martini? 

What you'll get each week:

  • Meal plan consisting of 4 100% Vegetarian meals & 1 Flexitarian meal
  • Calorie count for each meal
  • Tips for turning at least 1 meal a week into a non-veg option for the omnivores in your house or vice versa
  • Recipes for each meal
  • Shopping List for the week
  • BONUS weekly cocktail recipe
  • BONUS additional recipe (think breakfast, party favorite, smoothie, dessert, kid-friendly, etc)
  • BONUS tip or trick (this could be anything from kid-friendly mealtime activities to napkin folding)
  • NO REPEAT meals over the course of 4 weeks *Note: NO REPEATS does not mean the meal plans rotate.  You will still be getting brand new delicious recipes each week, but remember how good that vegan Shepherds Pie was?  Yeah, we'll include that again next month!  So, while some recipes may repeat, you will still be getting loads of new plans and recipes.

This is UNLIKE any other plan out there because I specialize in creating delicious meals for the whole family.  While my diet consists of very little animal products, my husband is a 'meat & potatoes' kind of guy.  Although his dietary habits have changed after seeing how healthy I've become, he still enjoys meat with his meals on occasion.  Our differences brought me to a place where we were able to cooperate and I was creating meals that were healthy and delicious but that he could enjoy as well.  I design each week for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) and try my best to keep it budget friendly and each week will be highly organized so there's no guesswork for you!  

Considering the effort and time spent in my secret laboratory (i.e. the kitchen) creating recipes, organizing shopping lists and calculating calories, at $72 for an entire years worth of meal plans is a steal!  That's less than $1.50 a week! 

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*Note: While many recipes will be included are are Gluten Free (GF), this is not a GF meal plan.  As I create each menu myself, I am not able to accomodate allergy free meals at this point in time.  Soy, tree nuts and gluten are all used in moderation.  Each week will consist of a total of 7 recipes: 5 Dinners, 1 Cocktail and 1 Grab Bag Recipe.  Shopping lists will contain the ingredients for the dinner plan only.  Ingredients for the cocktail and the bonus recipe will not be included on the shopping list.  Items considered STAPLES will not be included on the shopping lists.  A list of STAPLES can be found here.  I will try my best to keep meals budget friendly and to plan meals where some recipes may piggy-back off of each other.  Mock meats are used in some recipes.  If there is ingredient I am unsure of your ability to locate, I will provide you with resources to do so.