Recipe Archive

*GF = Gluten Free *NA = Non-Alcoholic
Mama's Biscuits N' Gravy biscuits soaked in a peppery country gravy just like mama used to make

Stuffed French Toast vegan cream cheese stuffed french toast

Blueberry Pecan Granola make with GF oats to make a delicious GF granola *GF

Easy Peasy Banana Waffles easy as pie and just as delicious

Perfect Vegan Omelet my famous one-of-a-kind vegan omelet recipe *GF

Arugula Salad  Served over a citrus polenta with a cashew creme' sauce. *GF

Bitchin Salad with hearts of palm, pepitas and herbed citrus vinaigrette  *GF

Basic Hummus your classic hummus recipe.  Add your favorite flavorings *GF

Pico de Gallo a classic Mexican appetizer *GF

Raspberry Chipotle Tofu cornmeal crusted and pan fried tofu served with raspberry chipotle coulis *GF

Picnik Potato Salad a classic American side dish made egg-free! *GF

My Big Fat Greek-ish Salad a Tampa tradition of serving greens over potato salad *GF

Summer in Bangkok Rolls Ta non-traditional take on traditional Thai summer rolls *GF

Moroccan Spiced Hummus a curried hummus served with baked pita chips *GF

Big Bang Cauliflower copycat recipe turned vegan of Bonefish Grill's Bang Bang Shrimp *GF

Harvest Curry Soup sweet and savory soup perfect for the fall *GF

Pecan Crusted Tempeh Salad a vegan take on my favorite salad from TGIFridays *GF (must use GF Tempeh and GF cereal)

Baked Potato Soup a creamy hearty favorite *GF

Vegan Ceviche Stuffed Avocados the briny flavor of oyster mushrooms makes this vegan ceviche a hit! *GF

Papaya Salad use fish sauce to make the authentic Thai dish or make it vegan *GF

Summer Lovin Ceviche a classic Latin American dish made from shrimp, scallops and seafood cooked in lime juice *GF

Olive Pine Nut Hummus flavored with a olives topped with toasted pine nuts *GF

Restaurant Quality Mexican Salsa the ONLY salsa recipe you will ever need.  Just as good as the restaurants. *GF

Sopa Seca Caliente a different take on a Mexican noodle dish using spaghetti squash *GF

Shepherds Pie a classic American casserole made over

Pecan Crusted Tempeh Salad
a vegan take on my favorite salad from TGIFridays *GF (must use GF Tempeh and GF cereal)

Nacho Moms Weeknight Nachos dairy and meat free chili cheese nachos 

Sausage Stuffed Portobellos savory stuffed mushrooms with a balsamic glaze

Street Tacos a vegan version of an authentic Mexican taco

Meat Lovers Meatless Lasagna a processed but vegan version of classic lasagna

Buffalo Chicken Pita use this buffalo sauce to smother anything with!

Baked Potato Soup a creamy hearty favorite *GF

Vegan Ceviche Stuffed Avocados the briny flavor of oyster mushrooms makes this vegan ceviche a hit! *GF

Tofu Salad Sandwich similar to an egg salad sandwich, minus the egg *GF

Blackened Tofu served with a smokey mango salsa

Caribbean Rice with Meatballs made with pineapple

Thai Me Up Peanut Pasta an American-Thai recipe for noodles in a peanut sauce *GF (use rice noodles)

Raw Sesame Noodles a rich sauce that won't leave you craving 'real' noodles *GF

Raw Tacos a very satisfying nut meat portioned in romaine boats  *GF

Gumbo a meat and dairy free version of a Paula Deen classic, minus the artery cloggers

Philly Hoagies a real 'Man'wich made of hearty portobellos and smothered in dairy-free cheese *GF (use GF buns)

Portobello Asparagus Pasta a light but filling pasta that can be made gluten-free *GF (use GF noodles)

Big Bang Tacos my famous Big Bang Cauliflower served in a corn tortilla with lime cabbage slaw *GF (use corn tortillas)

Pan Fried Tofu delicately breaded and pan friend to perfection served with a rosemary portobello gravy

Thai Bean Burger black bean burger topped with peanut sauce and bean sprouts

Raw Pad Thai another raw favorite made with spiralized zucchini noodles *GF

Chicken Broccoli Casserole based on an old personal family favorite comfort food

Warm Quinoa Salad with wilted kale and vegetables with an almond soy sauce *GF

Papaya Salad use fish sauce to make the authentic Thai dish or make it vegan *GF

Chinese Stir Fry Noodles made with gluten-free noodles and tofu for a classic and delicious meal.  Substitute chicken or shrimp for tofu if you like *GF

Creamy Veggie Bake a comfort food perfect as a casserole or as a side for a family holiday. *GF (use gluten-Free stuffing mix)

Luau Baked Beans sweet and smokey, just like good baked beans should be! *GF

Cheesy Chipotle Smashed Taters the addition of a sweet potato in this recipe makes it healthier than your average mashed potatoes *GF

Cilantro Lime Corn three flavors that belong together! *GF

Coconuts for Butternuts a very satisfying dish best served as a side or make it a meal and serve over rice *GF

Squash Casserole a family tradition in my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, made over to be dairy-free

Three Bean Salad the perfect addition to a picnic or bbq *GF

Salt & Vinegar Fries first boiled and then baked, these fries are a great alternative to potato chips *GF

Baked Apple Enchiladas a sweet and filling dessert with with cinnamon apples wrapped in a sweet tortilla

Who Cut The Cheese Cake a dairy and cheese free vanilla bean cheesecake with added variations for different flavors

Brown Rice Pudding a healthier version of the classic rice pudding

Raspberry Cheesecake Parfaits smaller dairy-free cheesecake portions perfect served in a martini glass

Kracken Apples a dessert version of the famous Harvest Apple cocktail listed here

Lemon Rose Martini the perfect aphrodisiac drink for a romantic night

Harvest Apple fall on the rocks

Raspberry Mojito a fruity favorite

Watermelon Martini the perfect upscale cocktail for a summer night

Gingerbread Iron Man Smoothie using iron-rich black-strap molasses *NA

Celery Ginger Cooler my award winning juice recipe published in Kris Carr's ebook *NA

Cantaloupe Mixer a light and refreshing juice for spring and summer *NA

The Bees Knees Smoothie made with honey, peanut butter and bee pollen *NA

Natural Margaritas a slightly more natural version of the classic margarita

E3 Rita a margarita featuring the health boosting benefits of blue-green algae

Swamp Water looks swampy but don't let that fool you!

Kale Elixir a truly healthy juice *NA

Avocado Mint Smoothie a creamy green smoothie loaded with healthy fats *NA

Banilla Brazil Milk a creamy delicious morning smoothie *NA

Megan's Favorite Green Smoothie protein packed perfect post-workout smoothie *NA

Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino a ridiculously delicious copycat recipe that is free of both dairy and added sugar!  A true gem *NA
(or add Kahlua to make it even better!)

Liver Detox Juice using superfoods known to help detox the liver *NA

Knock Your Socks Off Margarita on the Rocks organic tequila on ice with a splash of flavor

Frozen Mango Margarita a fruity frozen classic

Vagilicious Juice made with fruits known to help improve your ladybits

Pico de Gallo a traditional Mexican appetizer to serve with chips

Raw Pad Thai use zucchini noodles or kelp noodles for a flavorful dish of this take on a Thai classic

Raw Sesame Noodles another great take on an Asian dish, all raw!

Summer Lovin Ceviche not vegan, but variations are listed to make it vegan

Papaya Salad use name shoyu instead of fish sauce to make this Thai staple totally raw

Raw Tacos a favorite of mine.  A rich nut & seed meat make these tacos irresistible

The Bees Knees Fluffer Nutter Sammie a kid favorite with hidden bee pollen for extra nutrients

Kid-Friendly Sushi fruits and nut butters wrapped in whole grain tortillas

Salt & Vinegar Fries a baked french fry version of salt and vinegar chips

Nacho Moms Weeknight Nachos
a family favorite for a quick weeknight meal